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AlObaid Designs is an Architecture & Interior Design company

Our top priority is keeping our clients’ trust after the implementation of nearly eighty-seven projects.

We were founded in 2016 and our goal has been and continues to add and create comfort and elegance to everything related to our clients whether through our design of workplaces, residential units, restaurants, or cafe with maintaining a level of high taste, elegance and well-being everywhere where one of our clients is, being counted as our family and partners in success.

Our vision is working as a family to achieve the best results, create and design homes that are worthy of our valued clients and reflect the cultural impact closest to their personality. Our top priority is keeping our clients’ trust after the implementation of nearly eighty-seven projects of interior designs, landscape and exterior designs, processing and installation of equipment and systems and construction projects.

What We Do


Throughout the ages there is a fine line between good construction and distinctive construction that does not lose its splendor no matter how time goes by, distinctive architecture results in masterpieces and not just good buildings. With the latest designs, technologies and hands-on architectural expertise of ALOBAID family, we create masterpieces out of your imagination and ideas that serve all your goals and requirements. Get to know our architecture team to share ideas and implement them on the ground.

Interior Design

We believe that interior design is a combination of Science and art, the Science in determining the best choices, optimizing large and small spaces and the art of providing the most tasteful, comfortable solutions and continuing with a stunning aesthetic touch that brings more luxury and elegance to your life and reflects the cultural and personal character of our clients. Our team consists of expertise owners of all types of interior designs, classic, modern, whether for your home or for your workplace to reach the finest results that befits our name and our clients.


Expertly in all areas of construction and interiors, ALOBAID are always by your side to implement your home, workplace, project, and all your requirements with the latest technology and designs. We offer you a combination of creativity in construction, luxury in design, and making the most of all spaces using distinctive interiors and the best modern home applications. Learn about an exceptional world starting from exterior design, construction, and interior design to reach the highest levels of success and excellence.

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